Game Apps

A Revolution In The Gaming Industry

If we try to date back the history of computer gaming, perhaps, we may have to go a few decades back. However, despite being around for quite a long time, the gaming industry got revolutionized only recently with mobile gaming. The thing that was transforming into a technical skill, forming professional gamers, turned again into everyday entertainment for the people. With the rise of mobile games, people have become aware of games, game genres, and the technicalities underlying this niche. Because of the ease of availability of mobile games, the industry has emerged as one of the most profitable businesses with seemingly no limits to its development.

Mobile Game Apps – A Revolutionary Idea

The advent of mobile games links back to the time when we used to play ‘Snake’ games in our phones. That popular pastime available as a preinstalled game eventually caught the attention of the developers to monetize this area. And today, there are tons of game applications available for free download on smartphones. In fact, statistics suggest that a major proportion of mobile applications consists of gaming apps. The area has drawn significant attention of famous application developers who willingly create games for fame and revenue generation.

Today, mobile gaming technology features advanced functionalities that enable developing interactive, alluring and exceptional games. For instance, Pokemon Go boasts its uniqueness for which it has earned millions of fans from around the world. Had there been no mobiles, there wouldn’t have been such popularity of the game, nor would there be any followers of Pokemon Go. The success of this game shows the tremendous potential of the mobile gaming industry, especially with the availability of app stores.

Monetization Of Mobile Games

Mobile gaming apps have proved to be genuinely profitable for developers. Perhaps, that’s the reason why we see so many developers on the app stores. Though most of them produce games of similar genres, yet, they are sure to be profited due to the variety of ways one can monetize game apps.

One such way is to introduce in-app purchases. The players are offered various perks, benefits, rewards, and limited time offers against a certain amount. A true game enthusiast won’t mind spending a few bucks to level-up. In turn, the developer makes real money. Another way is to collaborate with advertisers, and show ads during the app. While this makes money for the developer, too many ads may annoy the player too.

Likewise, there are many other ways as well, most of which are yet untapped. A developer can use either one or more of them together to generate more revenue. The success of this niche can be understood from the fact that the mobile gaming industry successfully made a whopping $100 billion during the year 2016. And, this continues to grow even today.

The Popularity of Game Apps

Online games have been popular among the masses owing to their entertainment and socialisation aspects. Yet, the reason why game apps have leapfrogged traditional online and PC games is the ease of accessibility. The players no more need to spare time, abandon their routine chores, and sit in front of a PC to play their favorite game. Rather they can stay connected round the clock as they play their desired game on a mobile phone, tablet, or other such handheld devices. Moreover, these game apps are available to more players from around the world. Hence, they offer better interaction and socialisation opportunities for people.

Another key benefit of the mobile game industry is its inexpensiveness for the players. The users can find a wide range of free game apps from the respective app stores. Even the paid versions are available for much lower costs as compared to PC games.

Current and Future Outlook

Mobile gaming primarily started off as an offline entertainment resource. Yet, with the rise in internet technology and its subsequent integration with mobile gaming, the industry has boomed at a tremendous rate. In fact, this sector has never shown any negative impact as a result until now. As highlighted by Forbes, the internet drives the future of the mobile gaming industry.

Today, only a few mobile apps offer off-line mode. A majority of them need an internet connection to play. Yet, an average user never minds it due to the constant availability of the internet. The online availability of these apps has alleviated the need to provide built-in games. Whereas, it also gives the users the freedom to play their desired game.

On the other hand, this amalgamation of the internet and mobile games has facilitated the developers to launch new and improved versions, fix glitches in real-time, and revamp the apps by using their creativity. This, in turn, also helps them generate more revenue. Careful studies have predicted that the industry will make up to $143 billion by the year 2020.

Mobile game apps have evolved from a mere pastime to a money-making industry. And, keeping in view its growth trends, we should be ready to see it thrive further in the future as well.