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Our mission is simple: increase the level of trust between app developers and their users.  We launched the App Trust Project based on the concept that the stronger your relationship is with users, the stronger your company. A great app is just the starting point for a successful business in mobile.  Your users must trust you.  They must trust you to keep updating the app. They must trust
you to handle their personal information. Without that trust, you cannot convince users to download your app, let alone use it more than once or invest in in-app purchases. An initiative of the Association for Competitive Technology, the App Trust Project is a community led effort to create new solutions and best practices for building trust with your customers.


A Great App Is Just the Beginning


We’re looking for developers, designers, UI experts, and even some policy and legal types to join the App Trust Project community. Our goal is to design transparency and notification systems that are meaningful to your customers, not just to lawyers.  We have worked for months with developers on simplified privacy notifications, and
we continue to identify new areas to tackle. We have some exciting projects planned, so sign up now to learn more and get involved.  We need your help to develop tools and best practices that would benefit the mobile developer community.

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Privacy Icons

Privacy Policies are long and tedious documents that nobody reads. They’re the fine print that is written for lawyers by lawyers.


Your users need something different. They need to know if they can trust you. They might be giving you access to their data, directly or through the use of your app. They want to know what you’re collecting, who else has access to that information, and how you’re safeguarding their private information. Privacy Icons help users understand how you handle that data. The first generation of the Privacy Icons is designed specifically for kids apps.  When app developers provide clearly written privacy policies, parents have access to information about how the app works before they
download it. In parallel, parents need to stay engaged with their children’s online activities and keep up with technological advances. New technology is introducedat an alarming rate, which means consumer education around digitally literacy is important for successfully navigating mobile environments. We also need platform providers, like the app stores, to provide a frameworks for describing, rating, and classifying apps so parents have a standard format for deciphering product information.



The Privacy Icons

Icon Definitions

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Once on the privacy icon generator, designate “yes” or “no” for each icon based on the features in your app. When complete, save the image for your website or mobile app screenshot.
WEB: Available at Privacy Choice, on Mobile App Privacy Policy Maker
HIGH RES: Operatio Apps Badge Generator (Unity)
HIGH RES: Operatio Apps Badge Generator (Flash) 



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